Patient Testimonials

Our patients talk about their experience.

I love this place, I hope my teeth are with me for a long time so that I can come in and enjoy their service over and over. Thx

Bobby Patient

Dr. Tashiro is caring (good bedside manner) and honest. I've had a lot of work done at his office, and there were a couple instances when he could have insisted that he work on my teeth (so he could profit). But, for Dr. Tashiro, it's obvious that patient care comes first, so he appropriately referred me to specialists whom he felt could better treat my problems. I really appreciate that. I was also self-conscious and uncomfortable with the state of teeth, but he never made me feel bad about it-- that trait is very important to me. His staff is awesome. They're friendly, organized, very helpful. Carmen and Shelley makes the insurance and payments process very easy (for example, Carmen looked up the insurance phone # for me as opposed to an office manager at another dental office who didn't offer and waited while I fumbled around looking for it). Lindsey has been great with cleaning and helped me feel at ease when I found out I had to get braces. Som (the dental assistant) is gentle, calm, and has good bedside manner as well. It had been awhile since I had seen the dentist, and I'm so glad that when I finally did, it was with Dr. Tashiro. Thumbs up!

Melody C.

I love this place. It's a little Dentist Office in Long Beach off Atlantic and Wardlow. The staff is SUPER friendly and the parking is convenient. I hate the dentist but Dr. Tashiro makes me feel comfortable here. Did two recommendations already :)

Melody K.

Dr. Tashiro is very friendly, caring and personable. He takes time with his patients and makes you feel at ease. This is very important for someone like me who doesn't like dental visits. Everyone in the office is friendly and relaxed, so when you enter the door, you feel very comfortable. Lindsey, the hygienist, is extremely gentle and attentive to your needs. And, she explains what she's doing and makes sure you are happy and comfortable. Try Dr. Tashiro out, you'll be glad you did!

Diane A.

Got worries about going to the dentist? Well, not at the office of Dr.George Tashiro!!! Dr. Tashiro and his staff are friendly, courteous and have the patients best interest at heart. . To soothe patient worries, Dr. Tashiro fully explains all procedures before beginning any dental process. He also guides the patient through the procedure, or if you prefer, you can listen to music or watch TV!!!! Dr. Tashiro and the staff encouraged me to get veneers and that procedure changed my life. Now, when I speak at conference,s etc, I am not self conscious anymore about my teeth. Thanks to a payment plan, the procedure was completely affordable! GO!! You will be glad you did!!!!!

Linda O.

I have known them years now and they are the best there is around in the business and a great staff too!. Do not hesitate to give them a call.

Randy C.

The service with Dr. Tashiro cannot be replace! I've been coming here for years now and I'm completely satisfied with his service. The staff is always so welcoming and friendly. I definitely recommend him for all you dentist needs!

Karen H.

Dr. Tashiro is amazing, I have been going to him for many years now and I wouldnt want to go anywhere else. His office is always nice and clean, his staff is awesome and friendly but most importantly they make you feel at ease and comfortable. I hate the dentist but Dr. Tashiro makes my office visits a whole lot easier. I totally recommend him for anyone who needs a good, caring denitst!!!!

Liz V.

I have been attending Dr. Tashiro's office for over 6 years and my experience is always great. It is nice to arrive and be greeted by Carmen at the front desk. She is always helpful with regards to my billing and does not hesitate to explain things to me. The staff in the back are excellent and being in the office for hours does not seem as long since they are always keeping me informed as to what is being done. I do not hesitate to go to this office whenever needed. I always leave with a smile.

Jesica M.

I found Dr. Tashiro on Yelp and so happy I did. He is a great dentist along with his entire office staff. Everyone is so nice, helpful, and flexible. Dr. Tashiro knows what he is doing and helps you understand each procedure. I would definitely recommend this dentist office and know you will be in good hands!

Emilly D.

This dental office is awesome!!! I love the way Dr. Tashiro and the whole staff welcomes you everytime we step in the door. My family and I have been coming to Dr. Tashiro for many years now, he always makes our visit very pleasant and at ease. I am very happy to see a dentist who truly cares about his patients needs. I believe Dr. Tashiro is the best dentist in Long Beach by far... :))

Val T.

I signed up for yelp just so that i could share my great experience with this Dentist. This is my first review, so I appologize for mispelled words or gramatical errors. I have major anxiety when it comes to the dentist. I avoid it all cost. However, I had what seemed like a possible cavity. I was reccomended to Dr. Tashiro from my friend. Although I live in Irvine, I traveled to him because she said he was great. Well she was right! As soon as I sat in the chair, my anxiety was eased. Dr. Tashiro was so gentle. He reminded me to take long cleansing breaths. And even though he warned me that I would feel "a little pinch" with the needle, I didn't even feel it. His hands were incredibly steady. It made me feel comfortable knowing he has been practicing dentistry for a long time. His staff was excellent as well. He worked seemlesly with his dental assistant and the receptionists were incredibly professional and accomodating. The office was clean and I really like that he has a digital xray machine. I will be going back to Dr. Tashiro for all of my future dental issues and would highly reccomend him to anyone. Especially those with anxiety about dentists.

Lj N.

I wanted to see a Dentist for a routine check up. I moved to Long Beach and wanted someone close. I scheduled a appointment and was seen very promptly. I was very happy with his polite, great customer service staff. My teeth were X Ray, cleaned, and examined all in a quick manner. Dr. Tashiro explained in detail and gave me many options to better my smile. I took his advise and now get compliments on my teeth that i once wasn't sure that was nice. My teeth are white and i feel confident when i am at work and at meetings. I now talk highly about my dentist to others that ask. He is affordable and reasonable. His knowledge and experience in alot of procedures as in teeth bleaching, invisalign, and other cosmetics needed to suit all your needs is above alot of other dentist office i have been to over the decades. I recommend you give the office a call and see how he and his staff can help you better your smile. Thank you Dr. Tashiro so much for everything. I feel like a new man with my smile. See you soon for my scheduled appointment.

Raul Z.

I have been going to Dr. Tashiro for a few years now and I have nothing but good things to say about him. He knows what he is doing and is very caring and gentle with doing his work. He talks you through all the procedures as he is working and is very concerned for you as a person and not just a patient. It is a great atmosphere in the office and it is very welcoming. His staff is great and I highly recommend anyone to Dr. Tashiro.

C N.

1 review 5.0 star rating 12/24/2010 Fantastic dentist & GREAT personality - Dr. Tashiro cares about YOU! I was a bit hesitant when my dentist retired, but I decided to stay and try Dr. Tashiro. I have never been sorry that I did. Poor guy walked into a can of worms (so to speak) with my teeth. He works with YOU to decide what to do, explains everything and then, the perfectionist he is, makes sure that the look is good. Near the end of "our ordeal" I talked to Dr. Tashio about two veneers for my front teeth... he did them and they are beautiful!! I get comments all the time and I'm not afraid to SMILE anymore!! His stiff are the most heart-warming girls you will find. They took have a "CARE" attitude. Try Dr. Tashiro for yourself... find out what I have. Dentists don't have to scare the hell out of you. I run a non-profit and it is important to look your best when giving a presentation or meeting with patients. Don't be scared! You'll be HAPPY!

Debbie F.